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Semi Private Lessons

All our class sizes are a maximum of 3 students. Private lessons are available.

Focused on Core Areas

We focus on Swimming, Fitness, Skills & Water Safety


Red Cross


Making Learning
to Swim Fun!

Recognizing Your Children’s Achievement

Red Cross Swim Preschool acknowledges participation and skill development with a sticker depicting the mascot of the completed level. A booklet is also provided to track participants progressions through the levels.

Red Cross Swim program recognition includes

Personal Best stickers that recognize a child’s improvement in a timed or distance skill during the session. We acknowledge that children’s physical abilities develop at different rates, and the program will focus on participant’s successes rather than areas for improvement.

Completion of each level is recognized by a unique badge

Completion of all 10 levels of the program is awarded with the Red Cross Swim Kids certificate and medal.

Adults and Teens Classes

Learn to Swim recognizes the importance of encouraging adults and teens to take swimming lessons. Together with Red Cross we offer classes tailored to them. There are four levels in this program to incorporate all interests and needs of adults/teens.

Basics One

No previous swimming experience required.

Basics Two

Learn eight different swimming strokes.


Participation-based program with individual goals.

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